Blitz with Shaunz

The long awaited Grand Final of LoLPL Season 2 has finished and ThunderBot have shown exceptional skill and overcame their opponents from Aces High with a 3-0 victory. Right after the game we asked Sparta's captain, Shaunz, some questions about the concluded season. 

LoLPL: Hello, Kevin. First of all, please tell us how do you find LoLPL format? Did you like it? 

Shaunz:The format is really great, we really have the sensation that it is a real tournament with the groupstage and the winner/loser bracket afterwards, we really enjoyed it. 

LoLPL: Were there any problems with the admins, and if yes, maybe you have any suggestions how to improve it? 

Shaunz: We, SPARTA, really take care of respecting the rules and we tried to be as respectful as possible regarding the schedule. As far as I know, no problem detected! I really enjoyed talking with admins and I think they are doing a great work. I hope they keep the same staff next year. The only big trouble was against Virtus.Pro but admins managed it very well. 

LoLPL: Who of the opponents was the toughest for you and which match was the hardest to win during this season of LoLPL? 

Shaunz: We had hardtime to defeat some teams: Virtus.Pro, RoX.KIS and Aces High. Even if we couldn't notice it during the finals (3-0), these teams are really good and I hope they succeed in the future. 

LoLPL: What can you say particularly about the Russian teams? Were they good opponents? Or do they lack something to compete with european teams or the same level? 

Shaunz: I think that the overall our individual level is higher than russian, but when it comes to team work, they were really good. However, we were really prepared for the matches and managed to get through the groupstage with better rotations and strategy. 

LoLPL: If you have any words left to say or shout-outs to make, feel free to do it! Congratulations again on the win! 

Shaunz: A big shout-out to my team, Steve, Istari, Nono and Lounet who really played well all along the tournament. Also once again to the admins who I really enjoyed talking with. We look forward to next season, 2015 is starting great for us. Thank you LoLPL! You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook and follow the team SPARTA (Twitter) (Facebook). 

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