LOLPL Season 2 Rules

1. General provisions:

1.1. The league is regulated by the following rules and provisions mandatory for all participants. All cases not regulated by these rules may be interpreted at the discretion of the league judges. 

1.2. Registration and participation in league matches constitutes that teams and their management accept the tournament rules.

1.3. Teams shall delegate a speaker (a player) for the Skype show, but no more than twice per season. The team manager can’t undertake the speaker role. Team speaker must be selected before season start.

1.4. League organizers must inform participants of all changes to the rules through the official information resources.

2. League regulations and winner definition

2.1. The competition is conducted in three stages:

2.1.1. Qualifying round;

2.1.2. Group stage (1 group of 8 teams);

2.1.3. Play-offs.

2.2. Eight teams proceed to playoffs. 4 teams, who have the most points at the end of group stage, advance to the upper bracket of playoffs, while the other 4 go to lower bracket.

2.3. Group stage matches are played in Best-of-1 format, playoff matches are played in Best-of-3 format, and Grand Final in Best-of-5 format. The team which advanced to Grand Finals through upper bracket has a 1 map advantage.

2.4. Group stage standings are determined according to the following parameters (in descending order of importance):

2.4.1. Total points accumulated;

2.4.2. Face to face meeting result (a dispute between two teams);

2.4.3. Difference in matches won and lost between the disputing teams;

2.4.4. Difference in penalty points

2.5. If advancing teams can’t be determined on the above mentioned grounds, additional matches are appointed by the tournament organizers between the disputing teams.

2.6. League match schedule is prepared in advance. Teams and organizers reach an agreement on the date of each match before league start. Teams have the right to move a match to another date once per season (1 Wildcard).

3. Gameplay rules

3.1. All matches are conducted on tournament client. Before the tournament start players will receive their account login/password information and shall be prepared to matches in advance.

3.2. On Map 1, the team with priority has the right to choose who gets the First Pick. The priority is given to the team who is higher in the standings or chosen randomly by game admin. On Map #2 this right is given to the opposing team.

3.3. Team representatives (the captain or the manager) must be connected to the league’s skype-conference 15 minutes before the official match start time, and also during the whole duration of the match.

3.4. Teams in their full squad have to join game lobby not later than 5 minutes before match start. If at least 1 player is absent, the team is considered to be late for match.

3.5. If one of the teams or both teams are late for game start by more than:

3.5.1. 5 minutes – +1 penalty point

3.5.2. 7 minutes – +2 penalty points

3.5.3. 10 minutes – +3 penalty points

3.5.4. If a team is late more than 15 minutes, it will receive a technical loss on the map and given 5 penalty points. If the team is absent 30 minutes before map 1 start, it receives a technical loss on Map 2. If team is still absent 45 minutes before match start, it gets a technical loss on Map 3. 5 penalty points is given for each MAP.

3.6. The team responsible for delaying the match start by more than 20 minutes will forfeit the game.

3.7. In case of technical problems due to the League of Legends client issues, judges may decide to postpone the match to another day.

3.8. If a player performing picking duties is disconnected during pick/ban stage and is unable reconnect in time (if at least one conscious ban or pick is lost), match lobby will be re-made. Both teams must reproduce exactly all the picks and bans that were made prior to disconnect. If a team fails to comply with this requirement, a judge may issue a warning to the team and force teams to start the pick/ban stage over.

3.9. League organizers reserve the right to change match start time if necessary. Team representatives must be notified at least 6 hours in advance about the changes.

3.10. All player nicknames and team clan tags must comply with the official tournament registration form of the team.

3.11. Tournament organizers must be notified by email of any team roster changes by an authorized person within 24 hours of the roster changes.

3.12. Throughout the season, the team is allowed to submit 2 stand-ins under the condition that the stand-in players have not played in the league for another team on a permanent or on a temporary basis. The substitute players are counted as a bench players of the team.  In case of changes in core roster, the official announcement of squad change has to be provided by the team.

3.13. If a team uses a substitute player, his clan-tag must look as follows: «Stand-in>nickname. If a team chooses to use a stand-in in a game, he must be submitted 24 hours prior to the game.

3.14. If a team wishes to exercise its right of postponing a match, the team representative must notify league organizers no later than 12 hours before the start of game 1. Postponing a match isn’t allowed if it is due to start in less than 12 hours.

3.15. The organizers reserve the right to void the results of any match.

3.16. In pre-game lobby everyone must follow the instructions of game admin.

3.17. Each match of a gameday starts only after the previous match is finished. In case that by the previously planned time of match start, the previous one has not yet been finished, the start of that match is moved. This way, it is not possible for 2 matches to be played simultaneously.

3.18. Each team has the right to pause the game for not more than 5 times on one map. The overall duration of all pauses must not exceed 15 minutes. If the opposing team does not object, the amount of pauses can be more than 5, but still must not exceed 15 minutes.

4. Disciplinary rules and sanctions for rule violations

4.1. Sanctions to teams or players may be applied by the match judge immediately or by the judiciary after consideration of all case circumstances. At the same time, the judiciary may cancel, lessen, or toughen sanctions applied to teams or players by judges during the match itself.

4.2. The following cases are considered violation of rules and principles of league conduct by teams and players:

4.2.1. Being late to a match (see clause 3.5);

4.2.2. Use of nicknames that differ from the ones in registration form (+1 penalty point for each occasion);

4.2.3. Refusal to play a match (+15 penalty points);

4.2.4. Rude, disrespectful behavior from players during the match or in pre-game lobby (+5 penalty points);

4.2.5. Exceeding the limit of stand-in players in a match or involvement of undeclared substitutions (+5 penalty points);

4.2.6. Participation in match fixing or any other actions that can be characterized as unfair play (+20 penalty points);

4.2.7. Playing under the fake account (+20 penalty points);

4.2.8. Use of team logo and team name that differ from the ones in the registration form (+3 penalty points);

4.2.9. Giving your game account to other person \  playing from other player's account (+20 penalty points);

4.2.10. Broadcasting your match (+20 penalty points).

4.3. If a team accumulates 10 penalty points, one map win is nullified. If a team accumulates 20 penalty points, it is disqualified from the tournament and all match results involving the team are nullified.

4.4. The judiciary shall decide on the fate of the match, player or team not later than 24 hours after match completion. In the event of new nuances surfacing concerning a dispute, judges may resume proceedings regarding the disputed situation with no time limit.

4.5. Decision taken by the judiciary may be appealed by the team representing themselves or their player within 24 hours after publication of the judicial decisions. After this time, no appeals shall be considered by the tournament organizers

4.6. All participants of a dispute or a conflict situation bear responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided to the judiciary.

4.7. All participants of the tournament process must be familiar with all regulation clauses. Otherwise, the organizers have the right to prevent the team from participating in matches.